Outsource your Software Development

Surient is a software development firm supported by a workforce of 100+ engineers that provide high performance solutions of varying complexity to multiple industries using repeatable development processes and frameworks.

Ask us about our Software for Equity Program. In some cases, Surient will invest in promising start ups by providing the software you need in exchange for equity.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your software project.

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Independent Software Testing Services

Surient's developers can perform independent quality assurance and control functions for you, whether you are developing software yourself or you've hired a third party to do it. We provide:

  • People. Dedicated teams of engineers that know code, follow our QA process, and have experience with automated software testing tools
  • Tools, Frameworks, and Templates. No need to reinvent the wheel or to train in newbies. We've got it covered.
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Hire Expert Developers!

Hire trusted, proven developers for your project.

  • Surient can supply you with dedicated or part time software developers experienced in Agile practices and with the tools you are using
  • Developers can be hired by the day or the project
  • You have control over the interview process
  • Once you choose your developer(s), you manage them
  • Surient will ensure continued quality for the duration of the assignment
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Surient Delivers Results.  Guaranteed.

Experience. Surient's offshore team has been producing quality software since the 1990's, leading to a depth and breadth of experience that covers most software tools and an Agile-based development framework that consistently delivers.

Seamless integration. Our engineers are in Austin Texas and Dhaka Bangladesh, allowing a 24 hour work day. Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual US-based team of software development engineers, developers, and managers resolve those communications issues that can sometimes confound even the best of intentions.

A Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with what you receive from us, we will make it right prior to expecting payment from you.

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