About Surient

Surient provides dedicated teams of experienced developers to companies in the US and across the world. Our developers become your extended team members, working directly with you.

The skills you need

Whether you choose Surient to create your software, perform independent verification and validation on your software, or use our developers as an extension of your team, you can rest assured that we bring the necessary skills and experience to fulfill our scope of services. Guaranteed.

From a team that delivers

Noor Amin

Noor is Surient's US leader. After graduating from Texas A&M with an MS in Electrical Engineering, Noor performed a variety of roles developing software for global firms including Motorola, Schneider Electric, and Atkins Global.  Contact Noor today to determine what Surient can do for you.

Shougata Ghosh

Shougata leads our Dhaka, Bangladesh practice. After graduating with a Masters of Science in Engineering from Princeton, Shougata gained extensive experience with process optimization and developed a widely used algorithm for complex multi-layer production planning software that is now used widely in the apparel manufacturing industry.

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